All change at Certification International

All change at Certification International

A lot has been happening here at Certification International over the last few months with some exciting developments that will bring many benefits to our organisation and clients.

At the end of 2012, Certification International became part of SOCOTEC, a major global player in the risk management and performance management arena. The SOCOTEC Group is a global provider of services to businesses and local authorities focusing on controlling the risks inherent in their activities and thus improving their overall performance. Over a period of nearly sixty years SOCOTEC has built its reputation as an independent third party in the areas of quality, health and safety and the environment.

Based on its successes to date, and its desire to further grow the business, SOCOTEC approached Certification International based on its belief that there were some important synergies that could benefit both organisations.

The management team here at Certification International spent considerable time getting to know SOCOTEC before making a final decision to partner with SOCOTEC and we are delighted to have become a part of their team. In particular, as SOCOTEC is not a competitor, they have always respected our family values and have no plans for changing our organisation or the way we work.

We have gained the financial backing of a global entity which gives us the ability to offer and deliver a vast range of new services which is good news for everybody. We will therefore continue be able to maintain and develop relationships with our existing clients and associates whilst simultaneously exploiting the synergies created by this exciting new partnership. SOCOTEC has already committed to the purchase and implementation of a new online processing system in 2013 which will revolutionise the way we work with our auditors and clients by streamlining our audit and reporting processes.

From SOCOTEC’s point of view the acquisition of Certification International enhances its global worldwide offering of management system certification services. They recognise our proven methodology, know-how and multinational experience.

I’m very much looking forward to an exciting and prosperous new chapter in the life of Certification International and pledge my continued loyalty to all our existing contacts and customers.


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