Business Continuity Management in Practice

Business Continuity Management in Practice

With greater emphasis being given to Business Continuity Management (BCM) systems, it is important for companies to identify potential incidents that threaten their organisation and put in place relevant systems which safeguard the interests of key stakeholders. This can easily be achieved through certification to SS 540:2008 and BS 25999.

Certification International Singapore has provided auditing services to companies who wish to achieve certification to these standards since September 2010. It works with a network of experienced assessors, who have the required mix of industry knowledge and practical experience, to assist in providing assessment and certification based on SS540:2008 and BS 25999 standards.

Certification International Singapore continuously reviews and develops its professional knowledge and auditing techniques to equip it with the necessary skills for value-added auditing. This process ensures clients are in a strong position to develop and implement effective solutions which achieve real business benefits.

Being the first certification body to be accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) for SS540:2008, Dave Cheng was invited to a conference organised by SPRING Singapore, a governmental agency dedicated to the promotion of Singapore’s economic growth and productivity, to share the benefits of implementing BCM systems and achieving certification.

As part of its service to clients, Certification International Singapore organises a monthly free of charge preview on BCM to create awareness and support the implementation of relevant systems. Companies interested in registering for the preview should email


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