Growth on a global scale

Growth on a global scale

Already a leader in the field of assessment and certification services to internationally recognised standards, over the last year Certification International has seen considerable growth in Asia.

Japan has always been one of our largest global markets, but demand for certification to standards such as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004,has grown in other Asian countries such as China, Singapore and India as organisations recognise the benefits they offer when doing business not just in their own country but with organisations around the world.

We currently have offices in 15 offices in the Asia region; Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Bhutan, China, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Maldives.  Each office provides a range of international, national and industry services allowing the company to understand the requirements of its clients in their specific country. However, as a global company, Certification International is ideally placed to help international businesses looking for a global solution to their certification needs.

Due to our success, we’re now investigating extending our services to other countries including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam, so we can help other companies experience the same benefits of achieving quality standards.

Our continuing success is confirmation that certification is increasing in importance when doing business, wherever you are in the world. Our aim is to provide organisations the local expertise and choice they need. Certification to internationally recognised standards helps companies grow, is proof that an organisation, whatever its size, has achieved high standards in key areas and allows them to improve overall business performance.

To the end user, a certification mark is valuable third party endorsement that the company is trustworthy. As demand for our services grows, any future new offices will be able to use the knowledge of local experts as we seek to help more companies achieve certification to internationally recognised standards.

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