CI ceases operations in China

CI ceases operations in China

During 2014, CI stopped all assessment and certification activities in China. This change occurred as a result of an investigation into the activities of the CI partner (Shanghai Oriental Certification Services; SOCS) operating within the Chinese market. The investigation established that partner had conducted unethical and illegal actions on a large scale and that these actions had been concealed from the UK head office.

The CI partner in China, Shenghua Wu (Bert) had been issuing false and fraudulent certificates without the knowledge of the CI head office. In August 2014, CI notified Shenghua Wu that all cooperation with his team would be suspended and that he must stop making any claims of representing Certification International. In addition, formal notification was provided to CNCA that CI had stopped all operations in China and that we have requested a formal investigation to take place.

If you are in possession of a Certification International certificate then we urge you to check the validity of the certificate using . Many of the certificates issued by SOCS carry the CI and UKAS Marks and a falsified signature of a UK staff member so it is important that you validate them.

Certification International is saddened to have been effected by the fraudulent activities of one of its international partners. Please be reassured that we are taking every action possible to bring Shenghua Wu to justice and to ensure he is held accountable for his actions.

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