Toulon’s airport certified environmentally responsible

SOCOTEC Certification France awarded its ISO 14001 certification to Toulon-Hyères Airport, validating the policies implemented by its operator for environment protection.

Toulon’s airport certified ISO 14001

A special feature of Toulon-Hyères Airport is its mixed-use. On the one hand it is a civil airport operated by VINCI Airports and serves over half a million passengers each year. However it’s also a naval air base for the air force division of the French Navy.

“Over several years Toulon-Hyères Airport has implemented many measures reflecting its desire to reduce the environmental impact of its activity,” explained Xavier Daniel, Business Line Certification Director. “Obtaining ISO 14001 certification is about recognition of Quality and the value of these measures taken in support of sustainable development.”

“Our auditor reviewed and validated the processes associated with each of the airport’s environmental performance improvement goals including reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through to preservation of the natural environment and biodiversity,” said Nicolas Rohrer, SOCOTEC Certification France Team manager. “As regards the ISO approach aimed at continual improvement of quality, our auditor also formulated areas for improvement on which the airport will be able to focus for renewal of our certification.”

The certificate was awarded on 26 September. A meeting is already arranged in June next year for the first surveillance audit.

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