Reassure and demonstrate the performance of your Health Risk Management

How to reassure and demonstrate the performance of your Health Risk Management

In the actual context, the pandemic and the associated emergency health measures have affected your business, your operations and your work practices.
Before business can gradually return to normal, measures must be taken to protect the health of your employees and customers.


  • Ensure your health risk management is robust.
  • Reassure staff, customers and partners and demonstrate the performance of your health risk management.
  • Preserve your health risk management through control over contamination sources, prevention measures, management procedures when contamination occurs, and a continuous improvement process.

Certification is a process that aims to ensure an organisation is complying with specifications through validation by an independent third party.
Certification of the Health Risk Management System is carried out by defining a three-year audit programme to assess the system’s performance.


  • Governance
  • Information for personnel and the general public
  • Implementation of a management system
  • Definition and application of operational protocols for managing health risk
  • Regular audits

All companies that receive people at their premises, whether staff, partners, customers or users:

  • Hotels, camping sites
  • Service-sector companies
  • Student halls of residence
  • Stores
  • Distribution chains
  • Etc.
Certification Health Risk Management System SOCOTEC Certification International


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