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Almost every organisation today relies upon IT to enable it to achieve its company vision, business strategy and strategic goals. These days organisations use IT for a variety of purposes. Not just for the basic administrative tasks like accounting and filing but increasingly for things like: To revolutionise the way ... Read More


Not so long ago careers seemed so straightforward. We found a job, went to work, undertook some training, did our job as well as we could and then we went home.  In those misty eyed nostalgic days we did not have to worry about corporate targets, annual assessments, metric-driven incentives ... Read More


There are few managers in organisations that do not recognise the importance of maintaining and improving quality. One of the perceived barriers to implementing quality processes though is the cost. When it comes to making decisions most managers will speak in terms of money so the ‘cost of quality’ is ... Read More


Education is not always the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about Quality and Business Certification but in the wider context attitudes to quality can start manifesting from a relatively young age. Today’s primary school students are tomorrow’s business leaders and we sometimes forget how crucially important the quality ... Read More


One of the most important elements that defines a successful business is the quality of its corporate strategy. Get the strategy wrong and the business can fail very quickly but get it right and a business can flourish and become profitable very quickly. So when we think about quality in the ... Read More


It seems that every commercial enterprise these days is a ‘brand’. But brands have developed far beyond being about things like our favourite baked beans or cornflakes - now they’re also about the supermarket that sells them. Take Tesco, Waitrose or Lidl for example; each has its own distinct identity. ... Read More


Since the dawn of the IT industry in the early fifties fixing software systems failures has taken up almost as much time as developing software in the first place. Well meaning programmers have created their beloved code with the same passion as artists or sculptors creating their own ‘masterpieces’ and ... Read More


Instilling a ‘quality culture’ in any organisation will always be a challenge. In today’s recession-battered, lean, mean organisations the drive for profitability - at a time when margins are squeezed and competitive pressures are high - tends to sometimes marginalise the need for consistent quality. So how do overstretched executives ensure ... Read More


When you work in the ‘standards’ business it is sometimes easy to forget that for many people getting to grips with the nitty gritty detail of new standards and the implications of new legislation is no easy matter. The reality is, of course, that meeting the demands of new and changing ... Read More


Certification is a strange thing. The connotations of the word seem to be different depending on who you are speaking to. For some it simply means another word for ‘audit’ with all the ‘baggage’ that the word audit implies. For others it ... Read More